How to maintain intensity in your work outs

Of all the new year resolutions getting in shape is usually high up in people's list. The problem isn't usually setting a goal and going to the gym a few times, the problem is how to maintain that same intensity day after day and not quit. Jillian Bosserdet is a muay time fighter, trainer, event planner and overall helper. Her ability to maintain her intense work outs has shown in her overall phyique as well as her success in the ring. Here are her 5 rules in maintain intensity during your work outs! 

#1 -

What’s your end game? 

What do you want?

Now, be specific. Don’t get all hypothetical fluffy-la-dee-la iwanttobethebestfighter or something. 

Narrow it down. Take your giant philosophical idea and put it into right here, right now terms. 

“I want to be the best fighter.” “May 25th, 2016. That fight I have? It’s mine. I will have technique. I will have power. I will have speed. THIS is my fight.” 

See what I did there? 

I took this broad statement, this idea that can easily be pushed around and out of your head and made it something almost tangible. “It’s mine.” “THIS is my fight.” I own this now. I own the fight. Every damn day, I will work towards these words until they are truths. 

Be specific. Nail it down. Write it out. Tell anyone who will listen and if they don’t listen, talk anyway. 

Get your goals out of your head and into the universe. Attract dream chasers and go – getters. Be your 

own beacon of confidence. Because if you don’t believe in you – who else is going to. 

RULE #1 - Find Your What

#2 -

Have it written down yet? No? THIS ISN’T A GAME FOOL. WRITE IT DOWN…

Kidding, but not really – I’ll wait. 


Now, you’ve got your “what.” 

May 25th, 2016? That fight is YOURS. Okay, but why? Why is this so important to you? Why do you need 

to have the technique, the power, and the speed? What gives YOU the right to take the fight before it’s 

fought? Why are you more deserving than your opponent? Again, be specific. 

“I want to win this fight because it will make me a better fighter and my supporters will be proud of 


“I want to win this fight because it will feel good.” 

“I want to win this fight because it will take me to the next level.” 

Okay…. Right… Well, these are all great statements, but WHY? Why does owning this fight give way to all 

these ideas? Why are YOU more deserving than your opponent?

I train 6 days a week 2x a day. I eat clean. I do yoga. I spin. I run. I jump. I kick. Okokok. Yes, you do. But 

so does your opponent. WHY do you deserve it more? 

“May 26th, 2016 is my fight because no one else is going to take it from me. I will be faster. I will be 

stronger. I will have the better technique.”

Damn straight. That’s more like it.

Rule number 2 – Find Your Why.

#3 -

You have your what and you have your why, now comes the doing part. The get out there and take it 

part. Train every day for May 26th 2016. 

Running isn’t just running anymore – it’s rounds. How many rounds can you go? Are you going to own 

that 5th round or just make it? 

Sparring isn’t just testing out techniques and combos - it’s timing and precision. It’s seeing YOUR fight; 

it’s finding your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses until they become weapons in your 


Rule Number 3 - Connect To Your Training. Find Your Fight in Everything You Do

#4 - 

Remember those dream chasers and go – getters you attracted with your “what” ? Find strength in 

them. Surround yourself with people who are better than you, who are stronger than you, who are not 

just reaching for the stars, but beyond them. Learn from them, chase them. When you find yourself 

questioning your what, forgetting your why.. look to your team, your trainers. They will light your spark 

when you feel it’s dimming. 

Give back what you have been given – your supporters deserve the very best of you. Every time you feel 

like turning back, giving up, taking a knee, remember them and kick it up 10 notches. It takes a village to 

raise a fighter. From nutritionists to coaches to chiropractors- you have people putting their energy into 

you. They believe in you. Use that energy to fuel your fire. When your deep into fight camp and you’re 

thinking, why the hell am I waking up this early to train to just go to work and come back later and do 

the same thing- you think of them, they are a damn good reason to give your training your everything. 

Rule #4 - Find Your Tribe - Learn From them and Pay it Forward

#5 -

I’m going to take a step back to Rule Number 1. No need to scroll up, I’ll rewrite my point because it is 

just that important to reference again and because it is my Rule Number 5. 

Because if you don’t believe in you – who else is going to. 

YOU. HEY YOU. YOU are a damn good reason to stay motivated. You have your what, you have your 

why, you have your training, and you have your tribe; now all that’s left is you. 

This is YOUR fight. No one else is going to be fighting it for you. No one else is getting in the ring for you. 

It is YOUR name on the line here. 

YOUR body, 

YOUR mind,

 YOUR future.

 You want it?

Rule Number 5-

Go get it.


I have trained Muay Thai for a little over four years, fought 8 times (getting ready for the 9th!) and I became a trainer this year. I also work for my gym, Tampa Muay Thai, handling membership relations aka I’m the party planner, event maker, question handler, and social media extraordinaire. My world revolves around Muay Thai – crazy thinking 3 years ago, I was a personal stylist for a clothing store and told my mom I was doing Muay Thai for fitness and would never EVER fight because I had stage freight. A bit about me beyond the ring - big fan of kale and peanut butter, you’ll always see me eating healthy, but occasionally I enjoy chocolate, dark chocolate, in the form of chocolate mousse. As any good Florida girl- I love the sunshine and anything outdoors.