3 Step Process to Generate Breakthroughs from Breakdowns

Breakdowns in performance, whether in the ring or out in life, happen everyday. The 3 step process listed below is a simple way to overcome any breakdown and generate a subsequent breakthrough.

1). Acknowledge what happened, without adding any meaning.

It is the difference between, “I am late for training” which is simply a fact and, “I am late for training, and I am a worthless teammate,” which is now a fact and your opinion. Opinions are not the truth, they are your interpretation of the event. Stop stating your opinion as truth. Once you make your opinion universal truth you have created a fixed mindset that shuts your brain down to seeing other possibilities.

2). Acknowledge the impact of what happened, both on yourself and others.

Acknowledging how a breakdown in your life has effected yourself and others gets you clear on how unworkable a situation really is, and allows you to take responsibility for what happened. If you have been showing up late to training consistently,  then the impact on yourself may be that you feel stressed when you arrive to training, you miss valuable practice time with coaches, your teammates have a lesser opinion of you, and you become unprepared for your next fight. The effect on others may be that you are no longer a beneficial training partner due to your lack of presence, and you are wasting your coaches’ and training partners’ time and money. When you dig into it you realize the impact of your actions causes waves, like throwing a rock in the ocean. Really get that you matter and everything you do impacts the world.

3). Add a structure to generate a breakthrough.

Once you are clear on what happened and the effects it had, you can then add in a structure that will allow you to have a breakthrough. If you had been showing up late for training for the past few weeks, perhaps you add the structure of scheduling your week on Sunday nights so you will always know when and where you will be. Maybe it looks like committing to leaving home 15 minutes earlier. Only you know what will be workable for you.

This process can be used for small breakdowns like correcting a fighting technique, or for larger breakdowns like not generating enough income to support your life. Keep in mind that your life will be full of breakdowns every day, and each are an opportunity for a breakthrough as long as you acknowledge what happened without adding any meaning, acknowledge the impact the event had on you and others, and decide what you are committed to doing to get a breakthrough in that area.


Glen Owen is the founder of GO Performance Training. He is a muscle system and exercise specialist who supports clients and athletes in fulfilling their highest physical potential. Using his knowledge as a Muscle Activation Specialist, he helps assess, treat and strengthen the neuro-muscular system. With his extensive experience he has educated people on how they can be faster, stronger and in the absence of pain. His client base ranges from CEO’s, personal trainers, world class performers to the average recreational athlete. Check out his web site at http://goperformance.training/

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