Driven Fighters

I started the Driven fighters in 2015 because I wanted to share the different ways being a fighter has impacted my life. I started this blog because ever since I started turning my life around I wanted to be that guy that people looked at, and wanted to improve themselves. I just never found the right outlet to do so until I sat down one day and my coach/friend Kru Cam suggested I start a blog and said that through fitness, and mindset training I could impact many people. So I partnered with him and a few friends in our community who shared a similar passion and we started writing articles about success, in the ring, in life and in business. 

Driven Fighters is about discovering how to unlock your inner fighter and how to develop your mind to reach your full potential. Everyone fights for different things, some fight in the ring, some fight to be healthy, some fight against addiction, some even fight as soldiers in war. In the end, the concepts (physical and mental) of fighting is the same everywhere. This site serves to share different peoples experiences to explore and penetrate the depth of the human mind so that the reader can develop the psychology of fighting, how to reach their goals and ultimately improve the readers lives. 

The writers at the driven fighters are selected based on their personal achievements and their mental/physical state. The writers have all overcome adversity, obstacles, defied all odds, to become driven fighters in their own unique way. Writers on this site are genuine and speak about their topic from a sincere and authentic place. For example, the article "How I quit my job and Opened a Gym" is written by Kru (Coach) Jenypher Lanthier who quit her job and opened up York Muay Thai. 


We sincerely appreciate you visiting our site and hope that somehow we have had a positive impact on you.

"As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." - Marianne Williamson


We are always open to collaborating on articles, if anyone is interested in working with us or being featured please send us an email at!